Room Parents



Be an integral link between school and home.  Make a difference in your child’s classroom!


What is a Room Parent?  A room parent is a volunteer/parent who serves as a helper to both the teacher and the parents of the class.  Being a room parent guarantees rewarding benefits.  It is a great way to make a difference in your child’s class, while providing support for your teacher.  Two room parents are needed per class and both will be an important part of the teacher’s team.  Some responsibilities of Room Parents include:


  • Communicate teachers’ needs for supplies, classroom needs, or volunteers for holiday parties through the email list.
  • Help with copying and some administrative tasks as needed.
  • Photography of classroom events for memory book.
  • Coordinate recurring volunteers for recess, library, copy room and morning drop off.
  • Select Holiday Fair classroom basket theme, collect and organize donations, and attend basket wrapping event in early November.
  • Attend the Room Parent Informational meetings.

Submit ONE form per family and return to school by September 13th.  Room Parents will be selected by lottery.  If you are selected, you will be contacted and will need to attend a mandatory meeting on September 19th.

Thank You!


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