Did you know that the money you help raise goes to giving our teachers Grant money!?!

For the 2016-17 school year each of our teacher’s received or could receive Grant money in THREE different ways!

The first grant is the Teacher Supply Allotments. Each Grade Teacher (including those at Boutwell) will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card at the end of the previous school year. That gift card can be used on whatever the teacher he/she feels they need to help their classroom in the fall.  At the beginning of the next school year, each teacher will hand in their card with their receipts so that the PTA can keep track of what the money was used for.

The second grant is Teacher Grant.  Each grant that a teacher can apply for is $150. At the beginning of the year, each teacher who would like to use the grant for their classroom,  will need to fill out the following application and describe what they intend to use the grant money for. This grant application is approved by the Grant Coordinator, Principal Garden and the President of the PTA. It is then processed by the Grant Coordinator.

The third grant is the Grade Team Grant. Each grade is given $1,000 and that Grade Team of Teachers will decide together what they would like to use the money for their Team. An example is bringing in traveling science programs or the like.  This is also approved by the Grant Coordinator and Principal Garden.

We also give other Staff Grants in Florence Roche and Boutwell as well as a School Grant to each Principal that he/she uses to benefit the entire school. This is approved by the President of the PTA.

The following is a list of all of our grants and the amount that is budgeted for the 2016-17 school year.

TEACHER SUPPLY ALLOTMENTS Total Budgeted $100 Visa Gift Card/teacher
Kindergarten $400.00 Our Half-day K teacher gets $100/class she teaches
1st Grade $500.00
2nd Grade $600.00
3rd Grade $600.00
4th Grade $700.00
Boutwell $300.00
TEAM GRANT Total Budgeted This is decided on by the team of teachers in each grade
Kindergarten $1,000.00
1st Grade $1,000.00
2nd Grade $1,000.00
3rd Grade $1,000.00
4th Grade $1,000.00
Boutwell $1,000.00
TEACHER GRANT Total Budgeted Each teacher can apply for a $150 grant
Kindergarten $600.00 Our half-day K teacher gets $150/class she teaches
1st Grade $750.00
2nd Grade $900.00
3rd Grade $900.00
4th Grade $1,050.00
Boutwel $450.00
Total Grade Level Grants $13,350.00
Other Staff Grants
Art $250.00
Computer Lab $250.00
Guidance $0.00
Library $250.00
Math coach $50.00
Music $250.00
Nurse – Boutwell $50.00
Nurse – Flo Ro $50.00
Occupational Therapy – Boutwell $100.00
Occupational/Physical Therapy – Flo Ro $150.00
Phys Ed $250.00
Playground Flo Ro $400.00
Playground Boutwell $100.00
Reading $100.00
Bonus Team Grant $1,000.00
SPED $750.00
Speech & Language – Boutwell $50.00
Speech & Language – Flo Ro $50.00
Total “Other Staff” Grants $4,100.00
School (Principal) Grants
Boutwell Grant $500.00
FloRo Grant $1,000.00
Total School Grants $1,500.00

For more questions on Flo Ro Bo PTA Grants,  please contact  Kate McEleney.

Budget Coordinator Position Responsibilities:

Overview– The PTA raises funds thru various fundraisers and campaigns thru the school year. A portion of the funds are then disbursed to the teachers/staff via grants. Each year the PTA board members determine the amount of the grant each teacher or staff member will receive.
Function– Using PTA funds-review, sign off and fulfill grant requests received from teachers/staff members of Florence Roche School as well as the Boutwell School.  Communicate with the PTA President/Co-President and PTA treasurer, communicate any problems or clarifications with teachers/staff members.

The grant coordinator will receive a copy of the grant amounts assigned each year. On occasion the amounts and or additional staff may be added. The PTA Pres/Co. Pres. will communicate this to the grant coordinator.

Grant requests are fulfilled from September to Mid December each year.

Goal- Process grant request as quickly as possible to provide teachers/staff with the tools needed to enhance the children’s educational experience.

Time commitment-On average 6-10 hours per month. This includes periodic visits to Florence Roche or Boutwell to pick up requests and or deliver grant request items.

Equipment required – Must own a PC with internet capabilities. Most grant requests can be fulfilled on line.  On occasion must be able to pick up items that can only be bought at a retail store.


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