K-4 Science Fair

2017 Groton-Dunstable Elementary Science Fair

Fair Date: Saturday, April 1, 2017
Fair start time: 1:00 PM
Fair Location: Groton-Dunstable Middle School North Gym
Registration Deadline: Friday, March 10, 2017
Registration Fee: $6 per Participant
Website: gdesciencefair.org

We have a mathematical formula that we like to use: SCIENCE = FUN

Hello Students and Parents!

The Science Fair Team welcomes you to the Groton Dunstable Elementary Science Fair.

Our main goal for the Science Fair is for the students to help prove our formula!

Our other goals are:

  • Students learn specifics about a scientific subject through research.
  • Students learn to perform a scientific project.
  • Students use their creative skills to prepare a presentation on their scientific project.
  • Students learn to orally communicate their presentation to judges and the general public.
  • Students learn to engage in a friendly competition.

Changes to previous Fairs:

  1. No check in – Table location given prior to event.
  2. Clearer rules on parental participation.

We welcome all elementary students from the Florence Roche and Swallow Union schools to prepare a Scientific Project and showcase their project at the Science Fair.

We are excited to provide a competitive arena for scholastic abilities and encourage a friendly competitive spirit. We hope that students will embrace this spirit and strive to compete at their best level while respecting and encouraging their fellow students.

Please be sure to read all the Rules and Information before starting your project! We would hate for you to have done some work and then realize you have to start all over because you weren’t following the rules.

We look forward to seeing the many interesting projects that students will present. Good luck to all our participants and remember to have FUN!

— The Science Fair Team

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